ABOUT AISA Innotech Inc.

Microdata AI understands people most.


AISA Innotech Inc.(ASIA),是一家經營人工智慧相關軟體與技術開發之國際公司。





AISA Innotech Inc.(ASIA), is a company engaging in the business of artificial intelligence-related software and technology.

The Microdata algorithm developed by AISA is currently unparalleled in the world. It applies scattered dual-core technology in creating unique "adaptive" artificial intelligence to proactively communicate with users and, by differentiating feedback from each user, further modify dialogue patterns and even its own personality.

AISA’s algorithm has multiple applied feasibilities in the market. For example, a powerful personalized recommendation system can help companies accurately analyze the preferences of their members, so as to independently present product advertisements in which each individual member is most interested. Its cross-fields push and diversionary capabilities may also integrate different industries and create higher value by sharing mutual benefits.

AISA will continue to intensively make efforts in all domains and actively work in linking various fields to build an all-aspects diversion platform by artificial intelligence and create a new marketing model for the century.